Web Design & Development

Our team of tech experts and content creators can support your brand or business content at all levels, so you don’t have to hire and manage multiple teams and giving you more time and peace of mind to focus on your core business.
all websites are developed and designed with international accepted standards which guarantees quality and safe usage for visitors and also growing the brand and business of the owners also which gives them value for  money and great return on investments.

We design, build, and launch websites. We’re always looking for the next untapped opportunity, or the next element ready to disrupt. Using data, a synthesis of market behavior and needs, new insights, and our ability to connect the dots, we create new ideas for a sleeker website tailored to the needs of our clients . We’re agile, growth-minded, creative, and we like pushing the envelope. We can help position your brand and value proposition in a way that pushes your customer traffic up. We rely on a combined experience gained by serving clients from  industries be it E commerce,Hospitality,Healthcare ,Banking And Finance Mining etc.

Our Specialty

  • Business Websites

  •  E-Commerce Website 
  • Educational Websites 

  • Non-Profit Websites 

  • Entertainment Websites

  • Media Website
  • Brochure Websites
  • Personal Website

What Do You Get With Us?

Free Domain /1yr

Free Hosting Plan /1yr

Free SSL / Lifetime 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Media Handle Integrations 

Free Website Audit 

Website Files  

Search engine optimization is a key role in the redesign development and launching of web design project.With years of experience and the ability to gather a large amount of data our team  in senaxx technologies pay much more attention to how search engine friendly every page of any website we design is to all search engines especially google. since a lot of potential customers are likely to search for key words or services related to their interests. We design all our websites to beat the competition and top appear first on the search result list.

Research has it that establishments with websites have an edge over those without one,having a website increases customer traffic,brands growth with increased customer confidence and credibility.